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A primary motivating force for the creation of this book was to present the image, ‘Soft Diamond Light’. The image has been used as a ‘visual mantra’ throughout the book. The image is empowered by the deva of the book and music: the Vajrasattva.

“I received a very powerful image during a meditation session. With my inner eye I watched as a diamond emerged from a lotus flower and radiated with a scintillating explosion of light. The image seemed to rise up inside me until it emerged from the top of my head. This vision was accompanied by an extraordinary experience of expansiveness that had a powerful impact on my state of being. It generated an overwhelming feeling of abundance, and self-worth seemed to emanate from within and envelop the totality of my being. The image now seems to hold the essence and power of that inner meditation experience.”

Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky

The image has been designed to serve as a visual talisman of power and a catalyst for spiritual enlightenment throughout the book. This image has the power to call forth your higher Self, to uplift and inspire a greater capacity for love, happiness and selfless service in this world. My intention is that the image contributes to the raising of the vibration of this planet. This can happen every time any one of us sees the image and invokes the vibration of their own inner higher Self.

The image is a symbol of love, which is soft and tender, yet still as strong and brilliant as a magnificent diamond. It inspires the powerful potential within each of us to make a contribution towards a better world for our family, community, nation and planet. Every act of contribution, however simple, shifts the balance towards love and away from the precipice of fear and hate. This shift can turn our lives here on this planet into a heaven on earth.

In this way, every one of us is a constant, powerful and initiating vehicle for making a positive change and difference in this world. This is true in every moment of the day, in every activity we are involved with, and in every situation we find ourselves in, no matter how mundane or profound.






'Soft Diamond Light' artwork production.