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About Soft Diamond Light

The phrase ’Soft Diamond Light’ refers to the energy of our inner Self – our spiritual essence. The image, book and music of Soft Diamond Light were created to provide an expression of this essence.

The Soft Diamond Light image was inspired from a powerful meditation experience while living in an ashram during 1992. The image subsequently became the catalyst for the creation of the book, “Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters”.


Universal Manifestation Principle

The most important section in the book is an introduction to the fundamental principle behind all physical manifestation. This is in relation to the higher and lower vibrational states of existence we all operate and live in and especially, how space and time in the physical world are an expression of these dynamics.

The author is writing a book dedicated to this fundamental principle.


Vision for Soft Diamond Light

Vajrasattva & the Deva of Soft Diamond Light

About the Image

"Matter of Light I" Oil Painting





Enter the Thought Tube



'Soft Diamond Light' artwork production.