25 November 2023

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Musical Introduction 



Science of Stillness:

How Life works?




Discovering your Self:

Who are you?




Creating / Manifesting

Thought Forms




Inner Side of Music




Causal Body (Soul)

& Consciousness




Soft Diamond Light

Invocations (Parts 1 & 2)




Soft Diamond Light

Invocation (Part 3)


The Musical Production

(A Short Preview)


Their are three core theosophical teachings that are

fundamental to the expression of physical life:

Dharma – highest creative purpose of consciousness.

Reincarnation – continuity & creative control of consciousness.

Karma - causality & consequences of consciousness.


These teachings form a foundation for the

Science of Stillness & the intelligence of the heart. 

And the musical "Stillness: Fire of Dance & Music” is

essentially based upon the above three areas.


Featuring the Song:

“We Become Everything” 

Performed by Tarryn Stokes (†)

(†) Winner the Voice Australia 2023.


 “Wow, just listened to the song!

Sounds amazing I love it!!”  

Mia Pirie, Student


“I listened to the song “We Become Everything” and it

was beautifully uplifting. I believe that if the people of

this earth listened to more music with lyrics like this, along

with watching the cosmological-themed visuals that went

with it, humanity would be evolving much quicker!”  

Suzanne Stout, a leading Clinical Psychologist in Western Australia


“Just SO BEAUTIFUL, Anatole! I sincerely wish for this

to become a song on many people’s lips and in their

hearts. It is anthemic, uplifting and soulful!”  

Kalli Pulos, Senior Executive Facilitator,

Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership.


More than a Musical (PDF)

Enter the Thought Tube




Stillness & the heart of Intelligence(PDF)

Presentation (25 November 2023)


“Looking through the slides gave me that feeling of awe that occasionally

occurs when I’ve been reading something profound and I know that I

have been so privileged to have been guided to it.  …thank you for this,

which (as George Gurdjieff says) are ‘objective art’.”

Suzanne Stout, Volunteer Programming Subcommittee, Perth

Theosophical Society and Clinical Psychologist.  


“Congratulations Anatole. We look forward to

being able to experience the project live.”

Michele Sender, Founder, Fohat Publications and Pablo Sender 


Video Overview of Programs




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