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During the early part of the 90's I produced three short documentaries that were inspired to specifically support three initiatives for the environment and the future of our children. The model is based on the documentary motivating and empowering people to link, network and get involved with supporting the associated initiative. I wrote a song for each of the initiatives at the time.




movie  genimovie

"What if... A new global option"

This was my first short documentary, produced in 1989. It's production was initiated by Peter Meisen, the founder of Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) with the support of the Money & You graduates. It was based on a project proposed by the visionary engineer Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller.

The issues presented in the movie segments below such as: environmental pollution; climate change and greenhouse effects; poverty and lack of health-care in many countries; the enormous world energy requirements and increasing population growth are unfortunately even more relevant today In fact, it is vital they are addressed by governments for our children's future! The GENI proposal can make a viable and real contribution to the creation of peace and prosperity for everyone on the planet!


"What if the World Turned Around"

This song was written for the launch of the documentary

in 1989 at the Sydney Convention Centre, Australia.





movie  OCF covermovie

"Our Children's Future, in our hands"

The “Before it's Too Late” project was implemented between 1990 and 1995. It supported many leading edge groups, in particular the Lighthouse Foundation, founded by Susan Barton AM. During that time their were many major events held in Melbourne & Sydney.

The documentary, "Our Children's Future in our Hands," was producedand was distributed to schools around Australia, including a Manual for teachers. Tthe project generated awareness through national TV, with Max Walker and Robert Kiyosaki as the Spokespersons.

The project also channelled human and material resources  to youth support groups. It created educational programs  for empowering Youth Groups including a major “Success Congress for Teens” in Sydney, which was supported by leading sports and entertainment celebrities.

The legacy of the initiative lives on via our support of the great work of the Lighthouse Foundation, based in Melbourne.


"See What We Can Be"

This song was composed for the launch

of the documentary in Melbourne.

Jerry Speiser, (the drummer from "Men at Work") helped me produce a simple home demo recording in Melbourne. It was used as a guide for the Fitzroy Community School Choir who performed the song at the launch, coordinated by Philip O’Carroll, Drusilla Hendry and Sumitra Phoenix.

Robery Kiyosaki, one of the spokesmen for the project wrote a

poem for the launch, called "Listen"







movie  worawamovie

"Leading the Way! A Natural Way of Learning"

This documentary was produced in 1994 for the 10th Anniversary of Worawa Aboriginal College, an initiative founded by Hyllus Maris in 1983.

Worawa Aboriginal College provides a holistic program that develops the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing of each student through a combination of mainstream education and Aboriginal Pedagogy – ways of Being, Knowing and Doing.

Original Soundtrack for Documentary

Composed by Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky

Soundtrack 1

Soundtrack 2

Produced & Performed by Anatole Petrovich Kononewskyand Jerry Speiser

"Spiritual Song of the Aborigine"


School Musical Rendition

Contemporary Musical Rendition

Words by Hyllus Maris, Founder of Worawa Aboriginal College and Music by Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky. A Demo Video of the Guide-track for the musical rendition of the poem by Hyllus MAris song has been created:

The poem “Spiritual Song of the Aborigine” was written around 1978 by the late Hyllus Maris, founder of Worawa Aboriginal College in 1983. The musical rendition of the poem was composed by Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky, an non-indigenous Australian while producing a documentary about the College in 1994.

Kevin Bennett produced a live rough-guide home recording of the song in 2012 . In 2005 Kevin discovered he had Aboriginal heritage and was from the Kamilaroi tribe of Northern New South Wales and has joined the Baradine Land Council (his birthplace).





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